Letter: Roads - Nothing to brag about!

Traffic into Harrogate on Leeds Road.  (140205M4c)
Traffic into Harrogate on Leeds Road. (140205M4c)

Harrogate is so often named as the gem of Yorkshire, famous for its Spa bathing many years ago, but its roads are not something to brag about.

The road alongside the long grassed area called the Stray has not been resurfaced for many years.

Worse still is when about to leave the town towards Harewood - it’s muddled with potholes, and leaving it is down a steep hill which is a minefield for cyclists, which I reported over two years ago and was told they had not the money to do it.

The following mile was also bad in places and before the turn off to Pool all the grates had holes around them, forcing cyclists out over half a metre.

A few miles on past the village of Huby to Pool, over a mile was resurfaced yet there were no holes there, so there you have it.

It seems that the word priority is missing or a loose word to some councils.

A Hague