Letter: Relief road - We need to be more imaginative

Bond End, Knaresborough.  (110725M2a)
Bond End, Knaresborough. (110725M2a)

We know that NYCC believe in ring roads (‘relief’ roads) and we know that these encourage rather than reduce traffic.

A ‘relief’ road would not be the answer to the Bond End , Knaresborough, congestion problem since there will always be a lot of local traffic through this junction.

A combination of the following is needed: replace the lights with properly planned traffic calming measures (these are many and various), enforced speed restriction with good signage encouraging a culture of respectful driving, electric buses and an electric car (and bike) share scheme, redesignate the southern bypass as an A road, enforce weight and speed restrictions on the High Street - and no more large scale housing development along Boroughbridge Road. This would be much quicker, cheaper and more effective than a ‘relief road’.

Other settlements in this country and overseas have worked wonders. Imagination is needed instead of building yet more roads cutting through swathes of green land, inviting more traffic and ‘infill’ development.

Shan Oakes

Tentergate Road,