Letter: Potholes - More congestion on the horizon

Pot holes on Beckwith Road. (1704304AM4)
Pot holes on Beckwith Road. (1704304AM4)

We have seen the rapid and continuous increase in potholes in our roads over recent years.

There is no sign the increase will be reversed or arrested, despite announcements of “more” money and better repair techniques (the better techniques apparently are now to fill the potholes with tarmac without any substrate repair, the latter deemed unaffordable! Such repairs are not durable, the potholes will quickly re-occur).

If we do not find money to undertake durable repairs, many roads over the next decade will become cart tracks, North Yorkshire’s £300m repair bill will become £600/900m and unaffordable.

This will slow traffic, increase congestion and, when coupled with Harrogate’s projected growth and consequent traffic increase without any certain increase in road capacity or credible alternatives, will result in strangulation.

Not the future for a vibrant aspiring tourist and business economy or pleasant place to live.

Paul Ashfield

Duchy Road, Harrogate