Letter: Post boxes

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A coat of paint much in need

With the festive season well and truly upon us (and doesn’t the town look fantastic) no doubt many of you will be receiving Christmas cards imparting Christmas cheer portrayed by a fat, festive robin with a bright red breast perched on top an equally bright red festive post box. If you do, you can be assured he was not photographed in Harrogate.

The great and iconic red British postbox has become a dull shadow of its former self. Due to years of not being painted, our town post boxes have become more faded orange than bright red and desperately need a coat (or three) of paint to restore them to their former glory.

With the recent floatation of the Royal Mail and the increase in postage rates surely there must be some money in the Royal Mail’s maintenance budget for a few tins of “Royal Mail Red“ gloss.

It is after all the Royal Mail and if Her Majesty could see the state of our town’s post boxes I’m sure she would not be amused.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Colin Ward