Letter: Poor state of roads


I feel I must write to you regarding the state of the road on Coppice Avenue, Knapping Hill and Chatsworth. There are speed humps on all these roads and they are in a disgusting state of repair. Although the speed limit is 20mph through the estate anyone even attempting to travel at more than 10mph will have damage to their vehicle.

Approaching and leaving each speed hump there are large holes to negotiate. These have developed at both the sides and middle of the speed humps.

I have reported this to NYCC but, as yet, nothing has been done. Our estate has become a rat run from Skipton Road to Ripon Road but the highways dept seems to ignore the deplorable state of repair.

I am concerned about the consequences to both my vehicle and the vehicles of others living here and wondered if by writing to you it may shame the council into repairing our roads.

I appreciate funding is stretched, but just because the Tour de France is not coming through here it does not mean we don’t need our roads repairing too!.

Frances Gargett