Letter: Police - Combine our forces

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Why don`t the Prime Minister, with all her Home Secretary experience, and the new Home Secretary get together with all the Police Commissioners and take the bull by the horns?

To do what? –To decide, once and for all, how many police forces are really needed to police England in the best possible way.

When they have decided, let’s say ten, all the manpower from Inspector down to Constable and below gets allocated to the ten forces.

All the ranks above Inspector are pooled and the necessary number of the best ones needed to run the ten forces are allocated.

The remainder are retired and the very large sum saved in salaries is used to provide extra manpower and equipment to the ten forces.

Scotland has very successfully reduced its police from eight forces to one.

Surely we can reduce 43 to a much smaller number e.g. the best thing that could happen to the South Yorkshire Force is to disband it and make a Yorkshire Force. That could be our “starter for ten” and fit very nicely into The Northern Powerhouse.

Communication would also be a lot better and easier to organise effectively.

W White

Park Place, Harrogate