Letter: Plenty for the film industry to love here!

NADV 1407151AM2 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM2)
NADV 1407151AM2 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM2)

I watched Helen McCrory being interviewed by Andrew Marr, bemoaning the fact that there are no venues in this country in which to make films, because the present sites are booked up for years to come, in spite of the fact that the American producers are desperate to work over here.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the region which should be seized with both hands.

Of this one thing I’m sure. American film makers, at all levels of the industry, will just love (or should that be ‘just lurve’) the opportunity to live for a while in Harrogate.

That, alone, will ensure that the name of this beautiful town will be even better known in America.

Mr M Woolley

Valley Mount,