Letter: Planning - I am a forward looking resident

The entrance to the Hampsthwaite from Birstwith.
The entrance to the Hampsthwaite from Birstwith.

Oh dear, an onslaught of anti Stephen Hassell letters in response to his in the Advertiser on October 26. The pitchforks are out again because a resident in his own village has dared to disagree with The Hampsthwaite Action Group and local parish council.

This would be the village where he pays council tax, parish precept on several residencies, his business has donated £1000s towards village projects, the school, the church, the Feast and even the floral decorations of the village. Clearly having an opposing point of view regarding housing negates his contributions to village life.

As far as I have read Mr Hassell mentioned no individual names in his letter, alas after another Hampsthwaite Action Group meeting a slew of people have been urged to counter his letter and write his name in all of them.

My calculations of HAG membership sits at between 10 and 15 per cent of the total village population and to be fair if even just one person has a view in a democratic society it is worth being respectfully listened to. And if that person’s hard earned pennies are being used to fund an organisation he disagrees with he has a right to mention it.

Personally I do not disagree with the new housing proposals, let them build I say. I will certainly be welcoming new people to my community.

Will a bigger population add to the success of the business I work in? Well, yes actually and I will not be shamed for that. Will it help ensure the longevity of work for my collegues? Well yes and I am proud of them.

Everywhere needs affordable housing but let’s get real, it’s a national economic problem.

If the council proposed to build the same number of council houses on the same fields people would moan about that too, so let’s not sit in our own overpriced £500,000 to £1.5 million homes all smug moaning about our kids not being able to get mortgages. The mantra of personal entitlement.

There is a problem with sewage, there is a problem with parts of the village flooding.

Perhaps an action group could be set up to deal with these problems, or heaven forbid the parish council could do something rather than wait until the next month’s meeting and just talk about dog poo. Or pose and second pointless motions rather than vote for anything unanimously.

I support development, I look forward. I am a resident of this village and my opinion is as valid as anyone elses.

No doubt I will get a slew of letters by people horrified I might disagree with them. Perhaps they too will advise me to start my own action group,

Christopher Sunley

Hollins Lane,