Letter: People are wonderful

Cold Bath Road.  (1208202AM7)
Cold Bath Road. (1208202AM7)
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May I through your letters page say a most sincere thank you to the very kind people of Harroogate who came to the assistance of my wife who collapsed in Cold Bath Road recently. A gentleman and lady (both individuals) rushed to assist as did a young couple who laid down their coat for my wife to lay on and also put their coat over her to keep her warm. The lady called an ambulance and paramedics arrived in approx three minutes and the ambulance seven minutes later. The total staff of the NHS were magnificent in treating and ensuring my wife was safe and comfortable, but we did not have the opportunity to thank those lovely people for their efforts and to say that we would love to pay for any cleaning of their coats which afforded my wife such comfort in her hour of need. Once again thanks to all concerned from an 85 year old man and his 84 year old wife. People are wonderful!

Norman and Margaret Whitehead

Beech Grove, Harrogate