Letter: Pavement parking a danger to us all

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Responses to letter on March 6 - An accident waiting to happen

Pavement parking: A danger to us all

In response to the letter on March 6, ‘An accident waiting to happen’. Pavement parking is a danger to all of us - road users and pedestrians. Where I live it is quite common to find cars parked on the pavement every single day of the week.

Most of these are parked by people who work in Harrogate and leave their cars here all day.

Our street is narrow, and only has a pavement on the one side, but this doesn’t stop drivers from blocking the pavement without a second thought to the impact this arrogant behaviour has on the disabled, the elderly, young families with buggies and children playing out. I have spoken with both John Fox (LibDem councillor) and Andrew Jones MP, and they are both keen to see this stopped, but so far they have met with the same brick wall that I have when talking to the police and local council officials about this.

What really annoys me, though, is that the council has been in a position to erect signs to stop people parking on pavements for some years, but has done nothing.

The transport minister, Norman Baker, MP, gave all authorities the right to erect signs to stop pavement parking, in his statement of February 11 2011.

Mr Baker called pavement parking ‘selfish and dangerous’. In his words, “I hope that reducing the bureaucracy involved in banning pavement parking will make it easier for councils to use their powers to tackle this nuisance and make life safer for everyone.”

In the meantime, must we continue to wait for the first fatality, and then the inevitable hand wringing by ‘a spokesperson’ from the local council who will, doubtless, tell us that “lessons will be learned.”

Of course, we could something right now, and then we won’t have to waste time learning from our mistakes, because we won’t make them.

Peter Coupe

Christ Church Oval,


Illegal Parking

A problem in the whole district

Re: the letter in Thursday, March 6 paper about the illegal car- parking. I agree that this is an accident waiting to happen. It happens all over the area, every street you walk down has cars parked on the pavements and people have to walk in the road to get by.

I happen to live in Knaresborough but I bet it also happens throughout the district. It is a disgrace and this habit should be stopped.

But there again there are never enough police or parking attendants around to stop it.

Mrs Pam Godsell

Frogmire Close,


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