Letter: Parking - Why should we park elsewhere?

I have to agree with the comments made by K Williams re: Streets can’t cope with football traffic (Letters, September 28).

I am a resident at Charlwood, just across the road from the football ground, which has its own car park for residents and visitors.

Although there are 22 flats there are only parking spaces for 12 cars plus an extra two parked in the entrance which barely copes with the needs of residents particularly during the evenings.

It is not just supporters of HTFC who abuse our carpark but it is players, attending trainings mid week, and those attending the social club late into the evening, weekends and weekdays.

Many of the people when approached and asked not to park become abusive obviously feeling that the signage at the entrance does not apply to them.

HTFC have issued their proposals for improvements to the ground and club house over the next few years but nowhere is there any mention of providing parking even for their own players.

K Williams says ‘why should a football match ruin other people’s Saturday afternoons?’ I will go further and ask ‘Why should a football ground be allowed to expand without provision of parking and blight the lives, day in and day out, of those who live in Wetherby Road and surrounding area?’ ‘Why should we, as residents of Charlwood, have to park elsewhere and walk in the rain to accommodate the two guys who said to me ‘Oh! we were late for the match and it was raining!’ Perhaps if ‘their’ cars are blocked in and they have to leave them overnight they might get the message.

Barbara Foster

Wetherby Road,


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