Letter: Parking - the police do nothing

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I live in an area which is well known for parking on footpaths – not only footpaths, but on yellow lines, over residents driveways, on corners, in fact anywhere that people feel they can ‘dump’ their cars.

The police and traffic wardens do nothing, we never see them. I have made several suggestions to the local council as to what measures could be taken to ease the problem but they take no notice of what residents want. Year upon year the council are patching up footpaths – this is no good as the repair is not permanent, the job is not done properly in the first place. The council keep telling us they have no money but if the job was carried out properly they would not have to keep spending. I have just received my council tax bill; surely we are entitled to have some of that money spent in our area.

Mrs Doris Hayton

Tentergate Avenue, Knaresborough