Letter: Parking charges - Disparity between towns

Parking ticket machine
Parking ticket machine

I have just read the rationale behind the recommendation to increase parking charges in Harrogate. Apparently on-street charges should be more expensive than off-street and the current overall differential between the on and off-street tariffs does not achieve this.

Both on-street and off-street charges in Northallerton are cheaper than Harrogate. Since Harrogate Borough Council frequently state they wish to incentivise the use of off-street car parks, the solution would be to reduce the off-street charges.

It is noted for Northallerton the proposal to increase charges is to be reviewed pending assessment of the impact of the opening of the Marks and Spencer store on traffic.

Perhaps it is time to make Harrogate residents aware of the disparity between both on and off-street car parking charges between Harrogate and Northallerton.

The on-street parking charges introduced by NYCC in Northallerton are significantly lower than those for Harrogate.

Off-street parking is encouraged by Hambleton Council using free periods and/or lower charges.

Applegarth short stay car park, just off the High Street, the first hour is free, two hours are 70p. Applegarth long stay is £2.80 all day.

It is noted that Sunday parking is free.

Catherine Alderson