Letter: On street parking charges - plans are the problem

Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion

If on-street parking causes congestion, surely the answer is to eliminate on-street parking.

There is no logic to the proposal that increasing parking charges will in any way reduce congestion.

Reducing on-street parking where pinch points in traffic flow can be identified, will encourage motorists to use Harrogate BC’s underutilised multi-storey car parks.

A side effect of this would be to increase HBC’s finances, and maybe that is not a bad thing.

Frankly, I see no evidence of greater congestion in Harrogate than in other town centres.

Congestion only occurs on the routes used by through traffic, so forget about increased parking charges, they are an irrelevance except as a means of raising £100,000.

If that is the object, Councillor Don Mackenzie, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Highways, should be honest and say so.

John Laird