Letter: Nidderdale Wheelie bins

Wheelie bins
Wheelie bins
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Nidderdale residents ignored

I have not been aware of any campaigns or lobbying for wheelie bins in rural areas? In fact the contrary views of local residents in Nidderdale would seem to have be completely ignored and we now have these monstrosities whether we like them or not.

Similarly I was not aware that we needed to have our existing concrete lamp posts replaced with metal ones which must be costing a considerable sum of money?

Meanwhile however we have the stark reminder this week during several heavy downpours that our drainage systems are still not fit for purpose and our rural roads are still full of potholes.

Four months ago some one was sent out to inspect all the road safety markings that needed to be repainted in Dacre Banks after last year’s flooding had left them in almost invisible but nothing has happened since and the marks indicating the what was needed to be done have now themselves virtually disappeared?

The views expressed by local residents concerning the £9m project for new HBC council offices will no doubt be ignored in much the same arrogant fashion and our precious council tax funds will be spent on things we don’t want and didn’t ask for whilst the far more pressing needs remain unattended - like flood prevention and the menace of potholes.

Alfred Penderel Bright