Letter: NHS - An excellent and caring service

Harrogate District Hospital exterior.  101020M1a.
Harrogate District Hospital exterior. 101020M1a.

Recently I spent five nights in Harrogate hospital for a planned shoulder operation. I would like to place on record my appreciation of the excellent care I received from all staff members.

I felt I received first class and professional care without exception from the cleaners, orderlies, nurses, doctor, administrators and anyone else who I happened to have contact with.

We frequently hear from the media and other sources of the dire situation in our NHS. This, on occasions I don’t doubt. But please be aware that our NHS also has a caring, motivated and excellent professional service that runs alongside the negative press. I would be glad of the opportunity to advertise this very positive side that can become overlooked.

Mary Lowery

York Place, Harrogate