Letter: New Park Roundabout - Response to readers’ concerns

Road markings at New Park. (1711075AM1)
Road markings at New Park. (1711075AM1)

I am replying to letters published in these columns recently in which questions were asked about the change in lane markings on the northbound approach to the New Park Roundabout on the A61 Ripon Road.

The new layout has been delivered by contractors working for the Skipton Road residential developers under a so-called Section 278 agreement (allowing a developer to work on the public highway).

In this case the purpose is to improve the flow of traffic heading straight on at the roundabout, by allowing the use of both lanes.

As the letters rightly point out, the A61 reverts to a single lane immediately north of the roundabout and this means that vehicles must merge in turn.

Whilst this arrangement does require drivers to be considerate to others as the road narrows to a single lane, it is a road layout in common use at busy junctions.

The letters suggest that temporary alterations were subsequently made.

I can confirm that the first alteration was carried out by the S278 contractor when the road markings were in conflict with the nearby pole-mounted sign. This was quickly rectified so that all signage was consistent.

The second set of alterations was carried out by an unknown member of the public who took exception to the new lane designations. Using spray paint the signage was altered. This unlawful interference with highways signage has now been put right.

Coun Don Mackenzie

Executive member for

Highways and Transport, North Yorkshire County