Letter: New park Roundabout - Obvious solution: revert to original.

Road markings at New Park. (1711075AM1)
Road markings at New Park. (1711075AM1)

The recent letters on the safety of the road markings at the New Park Roundabout have ignored the obvious solution which is simply to revert to the original road layout, ie put back the traffic lights.

The benefits would be many, firstly safety, secondly the possibility to use computer control which would sense the differing amounts of traffic on each approach, thirdly it would eliminate the road rage and hesitancy and finally the removal of the roundabout would take away the need for heavy lorries to make a full traverse of the roundabout. Why the traffic lights were removed is a mystery, the system worked well for many years without, to my knowledge, any accidents.

Samuel Black

Mallinson Oval,