Letter: New Drive through - Clear reasons for rejecting this

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When your article about the planning application for a drive through coffee shop on Wetherby Road was published in the Advertiser on April 6, there was no planning notice on the building or nearby.

I made enquiries with the planning department on the 7th, and within a few hours a notice had been attached to a lamp post with the final date for the public to respond by altered by hand from the 21st to the 28th of April.

The very idea of adding this facility into Wetherby Road should be rejected once and for all.

Since the previous application was withdrawn there have been changes to the junction layout to try and obtain a faster throughput of traffic to reduce heavy levels of pollution in the area. It is doubtful if the level of pollution has been reduced but it is certain that the junction is less safe with frequent near misses and the pedestrian safety railings flattened in a recent collision.

The very fact of adding cars with engines idling in a drive through coffee shop is definitely going to increase pollution in the area.

If access onto the proposed site is queued then the inner lane heading towards the lights will be blocked, causing more congestion and accident potential. If customers wish to enter the site when travelling towards Wetherby they will have to wait in the outer lane for a gap with the same result as above.

When leaving the site heading south drivers will look for likely gaps in the traffic and they will also need to look for traffic exiting the BP garage and the Woodlands Pub. It is hard to imagine anything more hazardous.

This junction is traversed both ways each day by any number of ambulances with sirens going to try and clear the junction of traffic.

Pedestrians, including school children, will be at greater risk with traffic going both ways across the pavement and some drivers will be trying to eat what they have just purchased.

There is no clearer case for the permanent rejection of this application on the grounds of health and safety and pollution factors.

Ian Brocket

Masham Close,