Letter: Murray Mount

Wimbledon on a packed Montpellier Hill. Picture : Adrian Murray.
Wimbledon on a packed Montpellier Hill. Picture : Adrian Murray.

A letter of thanks to all who supported our very own Montpellier ‘Murray Mount’ last weekend - a fitting development this year, as at Wimbledon, from Harrogate ‘Henman Hill’.

Giving great artistic experiences to willing and reciprocal crowds is an art in itself. Managing unexpected numbers, great and small, is another. Responding effectively and efficiently to a range of audience and neighbourly needs and requirements is yet another.

Harrogate International Festivals did all of this, and more, over the weekend. Pleasing a maximum crowd of over 2,000 on Sunday for the Wimbledon men’s final was certainly a high point, but our smashing weekend had other aces, including the Wimbledon women’s final, a host of family films and a closing screen-showing of Les Miserables.

And all of this was free!

As an arts charity committed to bringing the very best of the arts to the very best of audiences in the very best part of the world, such offerings are important to us. But they can’t be done alone, so as chairman of this great organisation I’d like to extend thanks to a range of departments of Harrogate Borough Council for the use of the Stray, to our Festivals volunteers who worked so hard in support, to the crowd members and to our neighbours for their support and at times patience.

While our screen showings entertained the masses, across the town Harrogate International Festivals delivered with distinction a number of other events as part of the opening weekend to this year’s Summer Festival programme. Please do have a look at our website, please do visit our offices at Cheltenham Parade and please do join and support us throughout July, throughout our Summer Festival.

Dr Jill Adam


Harrogate International


Crowds gather on Harrogate’s Montpellier Hill