Letter: M&S junction will be dangerous

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M&S junction will be dangerous

Can I respond to the Jam Busting Scheme feature in last week’s Advertiser (March 6).

Firstly, it is encouraging to hear Allan McVeigh (NYCC integrated transport manager) acknowledging that we cannot engineer our way out of Harrogate’s heavy traffic congestion and the need to find ways to get people out of their cars. Can I challenge then why it is that we are building a brand new junction on Leeds Road for M&S (with vast disruption to local people and businesses) that is making things dramatically more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists? If integrated transport is to be a reality we should have a policy of no new road investment without first ensuring it is maximising the potential for improving pedestrian and cycling travel.

Bike storage is great but where are the safe cycle routes to get to and from that storage? The key is the word ‘integrated’ I feel.

Secondly, can I comment on Andrew Jones’ statement. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say that resurfaced roads won’t change anything for congestion.

What staggers me is that Mr Jones thinks a bypass will help!

There has been plenty of comment in these pages and previous surveys showing that the majority of the traffic at busy times is local people making local journeys, mainly the school run.

This is demonstrated every school holiday when the congestion magically disappears. It may be what Mr Jones’ voters love to hear, but there is no road building silver bullet to this problem.

The sooner we all recognise this, the sooner we could make a start trying to solve it.

John Rowe

Leadhall View,