Letter: Let’s get this public crossing opened

Knaresborough Rail Station
Knaresborough Rail Station

A recent letter mentioned the level crossing at Knaresborough station. Why is this still locked long after works are completed?

What excuses are Network Rail offering this time? Last time this happened it took months of hassle to get them opened again with all sorts of excuses to keep them closed. Are we going to have to hassle Network Rail again?

This is a public pathway and should be open at all times when a train is not due. The subway with all its steps is not an alternative for the disabled, elderly or pushchairs and means a diversion up to the High Street to get to the market place or down past St Johns Church.

What are the local council, Harrogate Council and the MP doing about this? Nothing? Forest Lane crossing never seems to have this problem when closed, as it is always opened straight away.

Come on local councillors, do your job and work for your public and get this crossing open.

V Walker