Letter: Lamp posts - Like fairground lighting

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Some of us who live around West Park Stray are looking at the partly-installed new lamp posts with fear and dread.

Whoever is responsible for lighting our town have a bad record for sensitive development, with a preference for the sort of lighting you get at the end of airport runways.

The existing traditional lamp posts are sustainable, aesthetically appropriate, in-scale with environment and contributory to the success of the town as a distinct identity.

Stuff like that doesnt seem to bother the council. Better they think to ring the park with enormous steel posts and flood light it.

Apparently it prevents crime? Meaning, I suppose, limiting those who would wantonly vandalise our community.

Either way our footballers and their supporters will be delighted to use the amenity for night games.

Presumably the old ones will be put in a local museum for future generations to admire, but of course it does mean reprinting all those postcards.

I assume the neighbouring streets will also have no say in the removal of the traditional posts and the installation of this fairground lighting?

G Taylor Beresford

Lancaster Road,