Letter: Is it me - or has Christmas come too early?

The  Harrrogate  Christmas Lights. (1711162AM26)
The Harrrogate Christmas Lights. (1711162AM26)

I believe it was the late Sir Terry Wogan who would often utter “is it me?”

I find myself more and more in tune with this view particularly when it come to Harrogate and Christmas. Firstly we have those ridiculous multi-coloured lights randomly scattered on a number of trees around the Prince of Wales roundabout. Was this an end of line purchase from some importer of cheap Chinese goods? The blue ones are particularly fetching (not) looking rather like a fire engine has ended up in the tree. In addition, what could be better this week than to have on a beautiful mid November autumn day, a Christmas market blaring out Lennon’s ‘So This is Christmas’ er no its not. I am sure some find this random collection of food outlets and soap sellers of interest, but so early - why? Even the Americans wait until Thanksgiving before launching into the festive season. Perhaps it is me - but I am sure there are other like minded people in our fine town.

Dr Chris Daley

Moorland View, Harrogate