Letter: Housing - What can young people afford?

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Driving round Harrogate these days, we appear to be in the midst of a housing boom.

Brilliant news for the thousands of young adults hoping to get onto the housing ladder. After all, tackling the desperate housing crisis was a government promise from the time they came to power.

Unfortunately the building boom is not for those in need but for the well-off who already own lovely houses. Is this our Tory run council’s idea of solving our housing crisis?

It’s bad enough destroying beautiful countryside in order to build low cost affordable housing for first time buyers but to build luxury homes for the well- off is disgraceful and inexcusable.

Is the purpose of house building now for the greedy builders and land owners to become even richer? We all know that the term “affordable” is a joke.

Where are the 21st century’s philanthropists? The Titus Salts and Joseph Rowntrees of earlier times who felt housing a priority for ordinary people.

Are there any landowners round Harrogate prepared to sell their valuable land to the council?

The right to buy scheme has now been extended to the housing associations, meaning that, in the future, private landlords could be the only providers of rented property.

Where will young adults on average incomes live in the future? Not all can rely on the bank of mum and dad or legacies left by those who lived in times when owning a house was more than a dream.

Anne Boodt

Jenny Field Drive, Harrogate