Letter: Housing - A worrying decision

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For some while residents in St Thomas’s Way, Green Hammerton have tried to reason with Harrogate BC regarding the access to a new development to the rear of the estate.

This development of 20 homes adjacent to another new build of 90 houses, where common sense would conclude that both sites use the same access routes.

However we have two developers here and according to North Yorkshire Highways they are within their rights to use whatever access routes they wish, even though this makes no sense.

The following is part of an email received from North Yorks Highways: ‘but due to the companies being competitors, and working to different time frames, an agreement could not be reached.

As a Highway Authority we can only consider applications that are made, and the information that is provided at the time, whilst we can try and guide developers / applicants they still have the option to go their own way, and take those proposals forward, for which we must comment on.‘

One site has just started building the first tranche of houses, the other putting in place sewage etc.

Now who is in charge here, developers or the council? Who is responsible to the ratepayers and their interests?

Residents of St Thomas’s Way are now having to endure 18 weeks of heavy lorries taking materials to site through a route that was wholly avoidable.

This is a very worrying decision taken by both Harrogate BC and North Yorks Council no doubt repeated throughout the region.

A Wood

St Thomas’s Way,

Green Hammerton