Letter: Housing

Letter: housing
Letter: housing

Cardale Park

Changing the town’s character

I am dismayed to hear the council is considering a housing estate at Cardale Park. A large part of Harrogate’s charm lies in its small size and the surrounding countryside.

This estate would distort the physical character of the town, cause traffic congestion, disrupt natural habitat, and destroy what is currently a very tranquil vista.

In short, the area would be ruined, and for what? How large does Harrogate need to get? Much of the town’s economy rests upon tourism; people do not visit us to negotiate traffic jams and gaze upon acres of houses. Does the council really want to turn Harrogate into just another sprawling satellite of Leeds?

To build this estate would be nothing less than an unforgivable act of civic vandalism.

Martin Daniels

Pendragon Way, Harrogate