Letter: Highways - Where will off road cycle track be placed?

The Prince of Wales roundabout could be connected to Cardale Park by a cycle route separate from motor vehicles.

Recently it has been announced, by our local councillors and MP, that £4.8m of funding has been acquired for transport improvements on the West side of Harrogate. It is stated that this is to include an “off road cycle track” from Cardale Park to Prince of Wales roundabout along Otley Road. As a cyclist I welcome cycle tracks. However as a resident of Otley Road I am intrigued as to how this is to be implemented.

Previously I have been told that there is no room to provide a right turn lane on Otley Road to Harlow Moor Road (which would alleviate a big bottleneck and reduce traffic pollution), so where is the room for this “off road cycle track”? The majority of Otley Road has grass verges with mature trees in them or in some places has little pavement, so what are we to expect?

As usual NYCC has neither informed or bothered to involve the local residents in this proposal - you would have thought that they might have learned something from the Leeds Road and Wetherby Road junction alterations - and involved those who know what happens every day in the vicinity and will have to live with the consequences of their planning.

On past experience I hold out little hope for a successful and sensible proposal or indeed our views being taken into account.

Chris Dicken

Otley Road, Harrogate

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