Letter: Highways - Motorists are a revenue stream

Road markings at New Park. (1711075AM3)
Road markings at New Park. (1711075AM3)

Following on from the comments by Ian Pickersgill and Andrew Thompson in last week’s Harrogate Advertiser regarding New Park roundabout, I fully concur.

Clearly those responsible for Highways management have failed miserably in their ‘duty of care’ to local motorists who have regularly used this roundabout frequently over the years.

I had on two occasions since the change was made only just avoided a collision with both cars, whom I thought at the time had undertook me. I hadn’t seen any clear signage warning me of the change.

Ironically shortly after these two events, the road markings were reverted back to what they originally were without any warning of this change.

Then following this change, the road makings at the roundabout were changed back to allow traffic to use two lanes straight ahead, without any warning to the road user.

I can’t help but be of the opinion whether those responsible for traffic management are actually ‘fit for purpose’

This roundabout, particularly at peak times, is an extremely dangerous roundabout if you are coming from town on the Ripon Road and want to either turn right or go straight on as the motorist vision is curtailed somewhat by the new flats that replaced the Little Wonder public house.

Those authorising planning permission for these flats to be built had an ideal opportunity to improve safety at this roundabout by advising the property developer that the flats could be built but had to be built further in, allowing the motorist reasonable vision to their right observing traffic coming down Skipton road towards the roundabout.

Perhaps rumble strips being placed on the downhill Skipton Road stretch might be a good alternative to slow motorists down and improve safety for road users coming from town?

I’ve come to the conclusion over the years that I have resided here, that the motorist in Harrogate is just a means of creating revenue.

Jack Stapleton