Letter: Highways - Confused by roadworks policy

Prince of Wales roundabout in Harrogate
Prince of Wales roundabout in Harrogate

Traffic flow through Harrogate, never good, became worse with two lane closures at Prince of Wales roundabout. No work was or had been done in the closed lanes, so why were they closed?

I wrote the following letter about closed lanes to NYCC’s Don Mackenzie on May 29 but so far have had no acknowledgement or reply:

“Contractors have dug a hole on the grass verge of the A59 about one mile east of Kettlesing Head and erected traffic lights there.

Neither the hole nor the spoil impinged on the highway.

Over the (bank holiday) weekend there was no work being done on site, yet the traffic lights were left controlling the traffic which formed quite long queues to pass along an otherwise clear stretch of road.

What controls does the county council have over traffic management arrangements when work is being done adjacent to a highway and how are any such controls exercised?

Were such controls exercised in relation to this site?”

I could now add “and at the Prince of Wales roundabout”.

I think taxpayers deserve to know how NYCC oversees this aspect of their roads policy.

John Laird