Letter: Hedgerows - Destruction must be condemned

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I am delighted to read in last week’s Advertiser that Coun Don Mckenzie has spoken out over the destruction of hedgerows by developers on Pennypot Lane. He is quite right to say it is “a very unfortunate situation”, and to be “very saddened by the loss of an established hedgerow”.

Mature hedgerows are an essential habitat for rapidly declining populations of birds, mammals and invertebrates which used to enrich our countryside, and they need to be protected from the greed of developers.

This is a brave admission from Coun Mckenzie, who has up until now been championing the construction of a new relief road which he knows will devastate a huge swathe of hedgerows and woodland no matter which proposed route is chosen.

As Geoff Foxall points out on the letters page of the same issue, the new CPRE report shows that the proposed relief road will have no effect on traffic congestion in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

If Coun Mckenzie has genuinely had a change of heart and now wants to see the countryside and wildlife surrounding our towns protected, I hope he will make clear his opposition to the relief road plans as he fights for re-election in the forthcoming county council election.

Tim Ellis

Leyland Lane, Harrogate