Letter: Harrogate really is our global choice

The Harrogate Park Run.  (131214M1f)
The Harrogate Park Run. (131214M1f)

I was reading your article on page 12 of last week’s Advertiser and I’ve decided that my business (Source Harrogate - The Property Finders) would like to complete the fundraising for the defibrillator (£815).

My husband does the Parkrun as often as his busy schedule allows and it’s one of the highlights of the week.

I think it’s a great event and I love seeing all the energy and enthusiasm. It really binds the community together and is a great part of the Harrogate scene.

After decades of career relocations in the UK and overseas, Harrogate is the first place we actually chose to live rather than be relocated to.

It really is our global choice and I am now very pleased to be helping others buy their perfect home in this special town.

I have submitted the donation and I look forward to seeing the AED installed and it will be good to know it is there, should it ever be needed.

Sheree Foy

Principal and property

consultant, Source Harrogate