Letter: Harrogate losing its way on shops


Morrisons store: Town losing its way on shops

It’s not often that I vent, but who is the town centre manager for Harrogate?

It’s one thing having Poundworld in the Victoria Shopping Centre, but Morrisons Convenience store in the midst of quality high street shops.

Really? Is this what Harrogate has come to?

I travel to many towns and cities with my work and Harrogate is beginning to look as down and dowdy the many deprived areas of the country!

I know that there has been a recession (which we seem to use as an excuse for everything ) but why was Morrisons allowed that spot on the high street?

There was so much support for the arrival of Carluccio’s yet the council seemed intent on blocking it.

Does this make sense to you? Can we please get Harrogate back on track and make it the fabulous, unique shopping and spa town that it used to be?

Irene Zdziebko

Queens Close, Harrogate