Letter - Harrogate Council: Show us where the savings are?

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Coun Richard Cooper’s letter (Harrogate Advertiser, April 14) with reference to cost savings has one glaring error: not the difference between one service bill and five but rather what the amount charged actually is.

As a business owner I have to forecast what I will spend on stock, rent and utilities. It would be somewhat strange to assume that because I have five invoices they will automatically be more than one invoice alone.

It might for example be entirely possible for one service or goods provider to charge more for a given product or service on one invoice than say five.

To take this complex argument further we could posit that a number of small buildings, say five in total might use a smaller amount of utilities than say a very big building. Therefore in conclusion it might be wise for the Leader of our council to demonstrate where the cost savings for the new offices have been forecast.

I am sure the council’s treasurer will be able to publish such figures to re-enforce our trust in the Leader’s grasp of housekeeping.

Andrew Bradwell

Director Eternity Bridal Ltd

Commercial Yard,