Letter: Harrogate Council - Let’s be clear on what is meant for Valley Gardens

Valley Gardens, Harrogate
Valley Gardens, Harrogate

Having expressed my views in your letters page concerning Streat Food Festival and large events in general in the Valley Gardens, I can only look forward now, with fear and foreboding, as to what Harrogate Borough Council has in store for the Gardens in 2017.

But I cannot let Coun Richard Cooper’s response go without a last word.

The only pertinent part of which is contained in the last paragraph. “.....the council will have protocols in place and will do what is necessary to ensure that damage is avoided and wear and tear are put right swiftly”,

This is very confusing. For example, what is the difference between damage and wear and tear? Are muddy tyre tracks on the grass and verges damage or wear and tear? What does swiftly mean? It is nearly four weeks now and there are still areas fenced off and grass seed still to germinate. As this “damage” was not avoided one can only infer that this was “ wear and tear”.

May I draw attention to-:

Harrogate Borough Council Act 1986, Part 2, Regulation of Bogs Field 4-(5) “The Council shall protect trees, shrubs, plants, turf and herbages.”

Any protocol must be clear, transparent and make sense and not be open to mis-interpretation - unlike Coun Cooper’s response.

Christine Parker