Letter: Harrogate Council - Don’t ignore the tough questions

The Stray
The Stray

It is the arrogance of a complacent council to drift along, as Paul Ashfield describes, to refrain from taking radical action to overcome shortcomings.

Ignoring difficult questions, like John White’s on funding, surely increases voter apathy.

Even my letter asking for the council’s view on the future for the Stray (a matter of great importance to Harrogate, hence the referendum) elicited no response, hence my open letter below.

“ Dear Coun Cooper,

Your letter in the Harrogate Advertiser of March 23 shows that you read that newspaper and that you can engage in written discussion with a councillor of another party. I would appreciate it if you would engage in discussion with a member of the public over the future of The Stray.

This matters to many voters in Harrogate District, yet you failed to respond when asked through the Harrogate Advertiser to confirm that the result of the referendum would be respected.

Could you now please write a letter for publication to the Harrogate Advertiser confirming that the council respects the result of the referendum?”

John Laird