Letter: Hanging on to Harlow Hill community

Harlow Hill church. (1302181AM5)
Harlow Hill church. (1302181AM5)

We moved to Harlow Hill in 1957 and we have seen so many changes. Due to three housing estates and the Cardale Business Park, much of the green belt has been eroded.

It thrived with eleven shops and the popular ‘local’, the Harlow Inn. Over time we lost the fishmonger, two greengrocers, a butchers, a dress shop and the fish shop. As if that wasn’t enough, the last to go was our post office, this has caused much inconvenience, especially to pensioners without a car. This has affected the community spirit.

Then last year the Harlow Inn went up for sale, the last bastion where people met and socialised. A thriving ‘local’ where one (and parties) could wine and dine, play poker, darts and pool, along with quiz night and musical evenings. Recently the for sale notice was taken down and with new tenants I, with many locals are looking forward to the continuity of entertainment, an important necessity to the social environment of the area.

Alan Barker

West Lea Avenue, Harlow Hill