Letter: Grateful thanks - A story of faith restored

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We visited Harrogate from our home in Cornwall, and called in to a cafe for a cup of tea.

After a couple of minutes a young man tapped me on the shoulder and told me that a lady had picked up my handbag from underneath my seat and had ‘rummaged’ through it.

I found that all the monetary notes had been removed from my purse, approximately £130 in total. The police informed me later that they had identified the person from CCTV.

I would though like, through your newspaper, to add a footnote to my experience and say that there was family who were sitting nearby and heard what had happened and when we were about to leave a gentleman from this party approached me and pressed something into my hand, when I looked it was (I thought) a £20 note and when I protested he said ‘take it’.

When we got outside I looked properly and he had put £50 into my hand!

To say that this wonderful gesture restored my faith in humanity (and in Harrogate) would be an understatement and I would love the opportunity to say a massive thank you to the gentlemen who was so kind, also to the young man and his two friends who initially alerted me as to what was happening.

We will return to your lovely town and hope that the awful negative experience will not be repeated but instead we will meet more of the lovely people who helped us so much.

Joan Gauge