Letter: Grass cutting - Disgraceful state of footpaths

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Perhaps now that the grass cutting season is about to close -is the time right to ask Harrogate Borough Council to remove themselves from the list of companies that are able to provide a good service?.

Having seen and reported the matter of what can only be described as a disgraceful state of most of the footpaths around Jennyfield Estate.

It beggars belief that in recent days, the grass is yet again being cut by people that have had no training on how to use a rotary mower.

It’s not rocket science! Due to the rotation of the blade on a rotary mower, right shoulder, against the edge of any grassy areas!

But, the council must have a very different attitude to doing a job properly. As contractors are obliged to clear up any cuttings that are left on any footpaths, why are the council not practicing what they preach?

Perhaps it would be an idea to get the local councillors to open their eyes when they travel around these estates! You never know, you might learn something!

If nothing changes in regards to the council’s attitude towards providing the residents a service fit for purpose, the time must be ripe for putting forward a formal complaint or, setting up a petition in order to put a bit of pressure on our totally out of touch council!

Graham Whyte