Letter: grass cutting

The Stray
The Stray

Thank you for leaving the grass

I would like to thank Harrogate Borough Council for again leaving part of Christchurch Stray uncut for the summer months.

I have walked past the area every day and have enjoyed seeing all the butterflies, bees and moths that have been attracted by the grasses and flowers on this temporary meadow.

Bird life has also benefited from the new uncut environment, especially visiting House Martins and Swallows which are eager to fatten up on insects over the long grass, before their long migration to Africa.

I would be happy if the council employs this method of grass management again in more areas of the Stray, perhaps under the mature trees where people don’t play games.

There is a real need to provide for insect life in our countryside, verges, parks and gardens, as agriculture intensifies and land is lost to housing and industry.

Insects are a vital part of the food web, and they provide a valuable and completely free pollination service for many of our food crops.

Without them, just imagine how expensive a strawberry, apple or a pea could be in the future, if all crops had to be hand-pollinated!

Robbie Burns