Letter: General Election - What a result for the Labour Party

Labours candidate Mark Sewards. (1705155AM2)
Labours candidate Mark Sewards. (1705155AM2)

I congratulate Andrew Jones on being elected MP. But what a result for Labour. Woah! Doubling our vote and practically on a par with the Liberal Dems (LDs).

The result means that tactical voting by Labour supporters for LDs is a waste when we are at the same level.

To any Labour supporters who voted LD I say, ‘Come home, please’.

The LD vote in the area was always ‘borrowed’ from Labour on the myth that voting Labour was a waste of time but the result at this General Election has nailed that lie.

We are the largest party by a country mile (1.060 members, I challenge Tories and LDs to reveal their number) and with one energetic campaign behind us, gearing up for the next, which will be along in a minute.

Our candidate, Mark Sewards, showed his mettle at the hustings and impressed all who met him.

Sadly, we have for the moment an MP in Andrew Jones who is for a hard Brexit and continues to employ the Leader of Harrogate Borough Council in his personal office at Westminster.

Both decisions lack judgment, a fundamental requirement of a good MP.

Kevin McNerney


Harrogate and Knaresborough Labour Party