Letter: General Election - A great surge in membership

Helen Flynn. (1705134AM5)
Helen Flynn. (1705134AM5)

I would like to thank most sincerely all those who voted Lib Dem in last week’s General Election here in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

The local Lib Dem team managed to increase votes by around 2,000 and gain a vote share of almost 24 per cent, bucking the national trend for the party.

We had a great surge in membership locally and many new volunteers, and great thanks go to them and our established team for helping deliver the Lib Dem message of prosperity and hope.

Theresa May called this election hoping to increase her majority significantly. Obviously, that did not happen and now the country must face a considerable degree of uncertainty, particularly unwelcome as we face the single biggest national issue since recovery after the Second World War, ie Brexit.

What is particularly worrying is that both Labour and the Conservatives are offering a prospectus of coming out of the Single Market, as they both favour ending free movement of people.

To my mind leaving the Single Market is still the most significant issue facing the country as it would bring with it higher prices, business uncertainty and tariffs--and reduce opportunities, especially for our young people.

Who knows what the future may bring as Theresa May forges her own “coalition of chaos” with the DUP?

But I and Lib Dems locally and nationally continue to campaign for liberal values and policies which are overpoweringly in the national interest, rather than being motivated by narrow party political interests.

Helen Flynn

Liberal Democrat candidate, Harrogate and