Letter: Gardens - Waste service system is flawed

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In a complex world we are often searching for phrases that sum up the times. When it comes to local government services I think we are entering the ‘Emmental era’.

Most obviously, the holes in the well known Swiss cheese allude to the failure to maintain the local roads. However the presence of holes where there should be something solid is also now evident in the council’s plans for green waste.

The planned pay-as-you-go green waste service is flawed in every conceivable way. The change will result in more individual trips to the tip (adding to road congestion/wear and tear) and more burning of garden waste (adding to greenhouse gases), as well as, presumably, an administration cost added to tax bills.

An adjustment to the council tax for the higher banded properties which make most use of the green waste service would have been a much more inclusive and efficient solution for the community as a whole, allowing all to benefit from an expanded service.

Arguing that only those who use the service should pay is nonsense. We all happily pay for the NHS, hoping never to need it - we act in the collective good and spread the cost.

Separating the green waste service from the core services paid for by the council tax will no doubt make it easier to privatise. That is the only plausible explanation for this piece of pot-holed thinking.

More cheese, anyone?

Henry Thompson

St Georges Walk, Harrogate