Letter: Frustration with Harrogate cyclists

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Cyclists win over dogs, it seems

Well, well, at last it seems that Harrogate Borough Council have shown their true colours and declared war on man’s best friend, the dog!

On every lamp post along Bilton Hall Drive huge notices are displayed threatening dog owners with a £1,000 fine for dog fouling.

This is just typical of the pathetic, spineless, hypocrites of Harrogate council. £1,000 for dog owners, yet a cyclist can ride on the pavement (which hundreds of them do daily), run down law abiding pedestrians and get away with it.

Mr KS Chapman

Olive Grove, Harrogate

Cyclists pick and choose the rules

I was walking briskly through the underpass at Starbeck station in order to catch a Leeds bound train that was about to reach the platform when I heard a voice behind saying “coming through”.

Not being aware of what this exactly meant I had almost reached the stairs when the command was repeated and a fully clad cyclist rode past me.

I attempted to question what right he had to ride through but didn’t catch his reply as he exited in the Harrogate direction - which was probably a blessing.

So far as I am aware, the picture of a cycle surrounded by a red circle still means no cycling – or has the forthcoming Tour de France given cyclists the right to flout the Highway Code?

D Leonard

Starbeck, Harrogate