Letter: Fracking - We’ve been sold down the river

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Yorkshire has been sold down the river by North Yorkshire County Council.

Their decision to ignore the wishes of the local electorate and Ryedale District Council flies in the face of disbelief.

Over 4000 people raised valid and eloquent objections on many different grounds. They were all ignored. Instead NYCC chose to listen to the 32 people who supported the proposal.

They also chose to listen to Third Energy fracking company, owned by Barclays Bank in the Cayman Islands.

They dismissed the health concerns, the risks of water and air contamination, the industrialisation of rural Yorkshire to name just a few of the concerns and decided to follow the Conservative party line.

This decision will open the floodgates for further drilling applications which the majority of the people in this country do not want.

Where is democracy? Why are the councillors who were elected to represent the people who elected them not representing their views.

Everyone of the North Yorkshire County Councillors who voted against the electorate should be ashamed of themselves.

They are not fit to stay in office, they should all lose their seats at the next elections.

The County Councillors who supported Third Energy are, Cliff Trotter of Pannal and Lower Wharfedale, Peter Sowray of Easingwold, Clifford Lunn of Selby and Broughton, Robert Heseltine of Skipton, David Blades of Romanby and Bromfield, Andrew Lee of Cawood and Saxton and Robert Windass of Boroughbridge. Let us all remember their names and make sure they never have a chance to represent us again.

Jenny Gardner