Letter: Four buses a day is hardly ‘a service’

Harrogate bus station.
Harrogate bus station.

I refer to the letter from Ken Gambles (Point of View, February 9) about the very poor bus service via Calcutt.

The last time I tried to catch the 10.59am Little Explorers no.22 at Crossways and into Harrogate the bus was 35 minutes late.

Even if these Little Explorers were on time, four buses a day is hardly a “service”.

I would go further than Mr Gambles and suggest that two per hour of those services which are usually routed via Starbeck are re-routed from Harrogate bus station via Oatlands Drive, Hookstone Drive, Hookstone Chase and Forest Moor Road through Calcutt and thence to Knaresborough. Two per hour would, obviously, also travel in the opposite direction.

This arrangement could initially run for a trial period of six months.

During that time there should be plenty of publicity (the Advertiser could help with this) so that potential passengers could be made aware of this necessary addition to services, necessary for those who do not drive and those who would prefer to use public transport and so avoid contributing to Harrogate’s traffic congestion problems.

I believe that such a trial would indicate that there is a demand for such a service.

Graham Wagstaff

Kielder Oval,