Letter: Footpaths - We need signs on all the paths

Pinewoods advisory signs
Pinewoods advisory signs

I read with interest the articles in the Advertiser (July 14) relating to signage on the paths in the Pinewoods and their removal by Harrogate Council. It seems Harrogate Council are very keen to ensure rules are followed, at least when the rules suit them!

I have tried for some years to get the designated shared paths in Harrogate suitably signed “to avoid any confusion!” On these paths the Highway Code, (Rule 56), states that dogs should be kept on a short lead. Harrogate Council, and indeed councillors, have done nothing to ensure this happens.

It also seems that, for some individuals that don’t agree with a rule, then don’t follow it, indeed perhaps just vandalise signs to remove the bits they don’t agree with. Harrogate Council seem to have the resources to remove signs, so how about ensuring the Highway Code is followed by all users and erecting, (and repairing!), appropriate signage, so all users know what is expected of them?

Mike Monkman