Letter: Fly tipping - Our request for action was simple

Rubbish dumped by the side of a road.
Rubbish dumped by the side of a road.

Last month you published a letter from Coun Cooper who was responding to a letter of mine; my reaction to his letter is that he doth protest too much.

Our request was simple, with an increase of 38 per cent in fly tipping we were asking, on behalf of our residents, that, ‘Harrogate Borough Council calls on North Yorkshire County Council to reconsider their policy of charging at their household waste recycling centres to assist in curbing the number of incidents currently taking place’. A fairly simple request to an acknowledged problem blighting our district.

The Conservative amendment acknowledged the 38 per cent increase of fly tipping with no suggested actions on behalf of our residents, as seen in the following four bullet points that they added.

- One noted the increase of fly tipping.

- The second noted that one Liberal Democrat Councillor, at NYCC, had done nothing during the budget process to raise this issue.

- The third respectfully suggested that those wanting to make changes to NYCC should do so at NYCC meetings.

- The fourth called for accuracy from political parties when reporting this issue in their pamphlets.

At no time were the figures corrected in the Conservative amendment, they just sought to remonstrate with one Lib Dem Councillor. No actions were suggested to try and help the situation.

This is not what I would call ‘Working for You’.

Coun Pat Marsh

Leader of the Liberal


Harrogate Borough Council