Letter: Fire Station - Incensed at the proposals

Harrogate Fire Station.
Harrogate Fire Station.

Having read the latest flyer from the firefighters and the article in the Harrogate Advertiser last week, we are totally incensed at the latest idea of proposed cuts, for what is a very essential service.

Considering the area Harrogate has to cover, we need the vehicles and crews to be kept as they are now ~ we need to know we can always rely on our firefighters for rescue from any situation, be it fire or road traffic incidents. They deserve the support of, not only the public, but the council and county council for the particularly hard situations they have to cope with. Isn’t it strange that the police can have all these wonderful BMW high powered cars to travel in, some unmarked too, and a new police station - evidently the council found enough of our money to cover these - but the firefighters, whose job is even more dangerous, really are being completely depleted and apparently ignored financially.

Mr and Mrs Hudson

St John’s Walk, Harrogate