Letter: Festival - The purpose is all in the name

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A letter writer in last week’s edition expressed horror at the discovery that a street food festival involved take-away food vans.

I was equally disgusted at the weekend when I visited a pet shop and found that it didn’t sell PC hard drives.

Similarly, my last visit to a night club was horribly marred by the unforgivable lack of a pianist.

To make matters worse, the so-called “disc jockey” was not wearing a tie. I attempted to make my concerns known to the management, but sadly my mouth was frothing so vigorously that I passed out.

I join the writer in hoping that next year’s StrEAT Food Festival ceases its frankly baffling aim of delivering a delicious and diverse array of street food in a family-friendly setting, and instead focuses on services I have imagined it provides because I don’t understand its name.

Tom Hay